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New E-Book Release!!!-How To Study Like A Warrior

Today, students are under pressure more than at any time in history.

First, there is the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with. Schools have been shut down, and students are forced to study from home either through online learning or their private studies. And there are still major exams to be written by final year students from junior high schools to tertiary institutions.

From an economic viewpoint too, unemployment woes loom above our heads with no easy solution in sight. Many graduates are therefore expected to compete for the very few available jobs. This places enormous pressure on families to push their teenagers and new adults to academic heights never before attained by them. In deed, students today are under immense stress.

Thankfully, help has arrived. PrepTime’s new e-book, “How To Study Like A Warrior“, has been carefully designed to not only motivate students to achieve better results, but also to teach them efficient learning methods.

These methods, when applied consistently, enhances both the acquisition and application of knowledge in ways never before envisioned. The result is that students will be empowered to take control of their studies and master their subjects relatively easily.

Front cover of the new e-book

Below are some recent reviews of the book by current readers.

dakween1 (verified owner)June 11, 2020

1. I like the fact that for every chapter (lesson), the points (lessons) are summarized at the end. It’s good for recap.
2. Now this here is the “icing on the cake” for me: the external links to videos that drive home the points and offer additional information are much appreciated. Because honestly some of us don’t really like reading as much.

k. p. fosuhene (verified owner)June 11, 2020

This book contains a lot of useful information which after reading will not only teach students how to overcome the fear and anxiety of examinations but also on how to excel and come out tops. Certainly a good read and a must have “student companion” for every student.

Obed (verified owner)June 11, 2020

Real good stuff in there. With important references as well. I personally feel the book is not just for the school going. The tips are gold for all ages. For this content, the price of the book is just a token.

Emmanuel (verified owner), June 17, 2020

the eBook “HOW TO STUDY LIKE A WARRIOR” is a must-read for anyone interested in retaining what is learnt , not just passing exams. Each lesson has a concise explanation and easy to understand directions

The above is just a sample of the positives of what this study guide has to offer. So do not waste time in getting your personal copy.

Visit our e-store and place your order NOW!!!

It is our firm belief that your learning will never be the same with the purchase of this book!

The PrepTime Team

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