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Frequently Asked Questions about EduCode

What is EduCode?

EduCode is a new coding platform which uses a self-directed (self-learning) method and gamified approach ( learning while having fun) to teach coding/programming. Each course includes rich animated video lessons, interactive exercises and puzzles which break down difficult concepts into easily understood units. Real-world projects are also added to teach relevant skills needed in today’s digital world.

Who are the owners of EduCode?

EduCode is owned by EduCode Canada. They have a branch in Chicago (USA) and a partner in Ghana. In Ghana, EduCode is marketed and sold by an E-learning company called PrepTime.

What courses do you offer?

We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Programming, Web Development, Game Development and Data Science.

How do I enroll and register for the course?

Enrollment is done with a username and password or a class code. These will be sent to you after you pay for the course using Mobile Money. Call or WhatsApp the following numbers for more information : 024-613-1706; 024-614-7574; 054-726-9329

How old do I have to be to take the online courses?

The recommended minimum age is about 10 years starting with the beginner course “Introduction to Programming”. Even though the courses are similar to those taught in colleges and universities, harder topics are always broken down into simpler units. This makes it easier for everyone to enroll in our courses.

How much do I pay for a course?

It costs only GHS 120 per student per month for any of our courses. However, there are discount packages available for families, groups, IT training centres and schools.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Certificates are available after completing every course. These can be either displayed in digital format or printed and framed. Please see an example below.

How long does it take to complete a course?

It depends on one’s time commitments. As an example, if you spend 7-10 hours weekly on a course, you may complete it within a month or two. More time may be required, though, to complete exercises as you progress from Beginner and Intermediate courses to the Advanced ones.

Do you offer job placement upon completion of the course?

Not at this time. Although many who completed EduCode have already started their own businesses in Canada, some too have received job offers because of their new-found skills. We are working with our Canadian partners to link our graduates remotely with companies and institutions outside Ghana. Internship opportunities are also being considered in the near future for our Ghanaian setting.

Is there interaction with other online students?

Students take their courses individually or as part of online classes which are supervised by trained EduCode ‘virtual’ teachers. And although the E-learning platform is not designed to be collaborative among students, all enrolled students are free to join our Accra Facebook group page where interaction among them occurs.

What do I need to take these courses?

All you need is a desire to learn! Programming involves following instructions and using a thought-process to solve problems and puzzles. Therefore, anyone who loves working puzzles and/or problems and can follow a step-by-step thinking pattern can take our courses. Moreover, those with knowledge and skills in mathematics (Class 5 to SHS) may find programming easier to understand.

What do I do if I need technical assistance?

EduCode’s Accra partner (PrepTime) is always standing by to assist with technical issues during our working hours (9:00am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday). Our Canadian partners may also be of assistance up to 3 hours after 5:00 pm(Ghana time) daily . In addition, our ‘virtual’ teachers are trained to handle common concerns their students may have with the EduCode platform. Our current support numbers are 024-613-1706, 024-614-7574 and 054-726-9329.

Do you grant discounts or scholarships for learners?

Yes. We have discount packages for families, groups, schools and IT training centres. Individuals may also qualify for various discounts where possible. Currently, however, we offer no scholarships for our leaners. Reach us now (024-613-1706; 024-614-7574; 054-726-9329) to discuss group packages that suit your needs.