About Us

CEO on Launch Day

If you’re a student seeking the best online platform for exam practice, then you’ve reached your destination. Here is why.


First, PrepTime is built by great students who understand what it means to succeed. They not only excelled at their academic life but also thrived in their personal and work lives. This is a plus for students and parents who might be wondering whether the creators of PrepTime have what it takes to help them succeed. Doubt no longer!


Moreover, our approach is simple: give students the right environment, tools and guidance and they are certain to succeed. With this in mind, we have published an e-book on how to study (How To Study Like A Warrior) which can serve as a guide for students. Grab your copy and travel with us on this exciting learning journey.

Our E-Store is also packed with tens of exam practice bundles carefully prepared with the final year student in mind. This can be used in their private studies to build confidence in taking exams and also master problem-solving. As our mantra goes, practice makes perfect. Why not discover it for yourselves?

The following are other details about PrepTime:


To become the preferred e-learning platform for students in Ghana and Africa.


To empower the youth to achieve success through self-directed learning, training and coaching