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Frequently Asked Questions about EduCode

What is EduCode?

EduCode is a new coding platform which uses a self-directed (self-learning) method and gamified approach ( learning while having fun) to teach coding/programming. Each course includes rich animated video lessons, interactive exercises and puzzles which break down difficult concepts into easily understood units. Real-world projects are also added to teach relevant skills needed in today’s digital world.

Who are the owners of EduCode?

EduCode is owned by EduCode Canada. They have a branch in Chicago (USA) and a partner in Ghana. In Ghana, EduCode is marketed and sold by an E-learning company called PrepTime.

What courses do you offer?

We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Programming, Web Development, Game Development and Data Science.

How do I enroll and register for the course?

Enrollment is done with a username and password or a class code. These will be sent to you after you pay for the course using Mobile Money. Call or WhatsApp the following numbers for more information : 024-613-1706; 024-614-7574; 054-726-9329

How old do I have to be to take the online courses?

The recommended minimum age is about 10 years starting with the beginner course “Introduction to Programming”. Even though the courses are similar to those taught in colleges and universities, harder topics are always broken down into simpler units. This makes it easier for everyone to enroll in our courses.

How much do I pay for a course?

It costs only GHS 120 per student per month for any of our courses. However, there are discount packages available for families, groups, IT training centres and schools.

Do I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Certificates are available after completing every course. These can be either displayed in digital format or printed and framed. Please see an example below.

How long does it take to complete a course?

It depends on one’s time commitments. As an example, if you spend 7-10 hours weekly on a course, you may complete it within a month or two. More time may be required, though, to complete exercises as you progress from Beginner and Intermediate courses to the Advanced ones.

Do you offer job placement upon completion of the course?

Not at this time. Although many who completed EduCode have already started their own businesses in Canada, some too have received job offers because of their new-found skills. We are working with our Canadian partners to link our graduates remotely with companies and institutions outside Ghana. Internship opportunities are also being considered in the near future for our Ghanaian setting.

Is there interaction with other online students?

Students take their courses individually or as part of online classes which are supervised by trained EduCode ‘virtual’ teachers. And although the E-learning platform is not designed to be collaborative among students, all enrolled students are free to join our Accra Facebook group page where interaction among them occurs.

What do I need to take these courses?

All you need is a desire to learn! Programming involves following instructions and using a thought-process to solve problems and puzzles. Therefore, anyone who loves working puzzles and/or problems and can follow a step-by-step thinking pattern can take our courses. Moreover, those with knowledge and skills in mathematics (Class 5 to SHS) may find programming easier to understand.

What do I do if I need technical assistance?

EduCode’s Accra partner (PrepTime) is always standing by to assist with technical issues during our working hours (9:00am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday). Our Canadian partners may also be of assistance up to 3 hours after 5:00 pm(Ghana time) daily . In addition, our ‘virtual’ teachers are trained to handle common concerns their students may have with the EduCode platform. Our current support numbers are 024-613-1706, 024-614-7574 and 054-726-9329.

Do you grant discounts or scholarships for learners?

Yes. We have discount packages for families, groups, schools and IT training centres. Individuals may also qualify for various discounts where possible. Currently, however, we offer no scholarships for our leaners. Reach us now (024-613-1706; 024-614-7574; 054-726-9329) to discuss group packages that suit your needs.

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New E-Book Release!!!-How To Study Like A Warrior

Today, students are under pressure more than at any time in history.

First, there is the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with. Schools have been shut down, and students are forced to study from home either through online learning or their private studies. And there are still major exams to be written by final year students from junior high schools to tertiary institutions.

From an economic viewpoint too, unemployment woes loom above our heads with no easy solution in sight. Many graduates are therefore expected to compete for the very few available jobs. This places enormous pressure on families to push their teenagers and new adults to academic heights never before attained by them. In deed, students today are under immense stress.

Thankfully, help has arrived. PrepTime’s new e-book, “How To Study Like A Warrior“, has been carefully designed to not only motivate students to achieve better results, but also to teach them efficient learning methods.

These methods, when applied consistently, enhances both the acquisition and application of knowledge in ways never before envisioned. The result is that students will be empowered to take control of their studies and master their subjects relatively easily.

Front cover of the new e-book

Below are some recent reviews of the book by current readers.

dakween1 (verified owner)June 11, 2020

1. I like the fact that for every chapter (lesson), the points (lessons) are summarized at the end. It’s good for recap.
2. Now this here is the “icing on the cake” for me: the external links to videos that drive home the points and offer additional information are much appreciated. Because honestly some of us don’t really like reading as much.

k. p. fosuhene (verified owner)June 11, 2020

This book contains a lot of useful information which after reading will not only teach students how to overcome the fear and anxiety of examinations but also on how to excel and come out tops. Certainly a good read and a must have “student companion” for every student.

Obed (verified owner)June 11, 2020

Real good stuff in there. With important references as well. I personally feel the book is not just for the school going. The tips are gold for all ages. For this content, the price of the book is just a token.

Emmanuel (verified owner), June 17, 2020

the eBook “HOW TO STUDY LIKE A WARRIOR” is a must-read for anyone interested in retaining what is learnt , not just passing exams. Each lesson has a concise explanation and easy to understand directions

The above is just a sample of the positives of what this study guide has to offer. So do not waste time in getting your personal copy.

Visit our e-store and place your order NOW!!!

It is our firm belief that your learning will never be the same with the purchase of this book!

The PrepTime Team

PrepTime Promotional Video

PrepTime CEO Interview

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SURVEY RESULTS (33 Responses): How would you prepare for exams?

First of all, a big thank you to all who contributed to this short survey. It was a privilege to work with you. Please you can view the results in below image.

It is clear that the majority of learners want to be masters of their subjects and not just average students. This is what our upcoming e-book will seek to address even though opinions vary widely. Watch out for the first release on June 1st, 2020 when Prep Time officially launches. Details about how to purchase will be shared some time prior to the launch.

What do you think about the survey results? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

survey results

Prep Time Team.

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What is PrepTime?

Greetings to all students and parents!

For those of you hearing of PrepTime for the first time, it originates from a term used in my high school days at Mfantsipim, Cape Coast. That term referred to a two-hour period starting from 7pm to 9pm during which all students on campus privately studied in their classrooms. You could hear a pin drop anytime this period begun, and until it was over no one was to be seen outside the classroom.

Some of the activities that went on during this period were exam or class test preparation, homework completion, subject revision, or anything related to study. Usually, fellow class mates who also had difficulty understanding a concept or topic would feel free to discuss with a fellow mate who was advanced in that subject area. Those were good times!

Now fast forward a few decades after high school graduation, PrepTime as a company is born! With a mission to empower the youth to become great learners and achievers, PrepTime has built an online platform to engage students of all backgrounds with various learning techniques and tools. These tools, which include an e-book on how to master learning at almost any level, will be available for a token fee per month. So with a smart mobile device, a laptop or desktop, students across Ghana and West Africa can access one of the best learning tools in the market. You can browse some of the already published test tools on our store front,

When we fully launch on the 1st of June, 2020, students and parents will be able to purchase any of our products using any of the mobile money platforms, in addition to a Visa Debit/Credit card or Mastercard through GT Bank’s myghpay service.

It is our sincere wish that no student ever struggles to master the foundations of learning after utilizing our proven methods and tools.

To that end, we wish all students the best in their learning projects during these abnormal COVID-19 times.

The PrepTime Team

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What is the BEST way to prepare for exams?

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PrepTime is launching!

Welcome to PrepTime!

We are pleased to announce that Prep Time is officially starting business on the 1st of June, 2020. What this means is that students and parents in Ghana and other West African countries writing WASSCE are about to benefit from one of the best exam preparation tools on the market.

Our products are mainly in two major subject categories: English and Mathematics. But why these two? Because they form the foundation for almost all learning the world has to offer. To be sure, statistics confirm that Ghanaian students need improvement in English and Mathematics. In 2019 alone, a total WASSCE (West African Secondary School Certificate Exams) student population of 186,217 produced F9s; of these, 78,038 were in English and 46,384 were in Mathematics. So out of the 346, 094 students who sat the WASSCE in Ghana, about 21.61% of them failed in the common language (English) for instruction and communication. In addition, 13.54% failed in Mathematics (WAEC GHANA, 2019). Both these figures represent a significant portion of the 2019 student population.

Thankfully, PrepTime is here to help the youth to not only improve their results but also to master learning at any level. As part of our mission to empower the youth to become self-directed learners, an e-book on how to study will be packaged with all of our test preparation products. This book will expand on a ‘secret’ formula for mastering learning at the junior, senior high school level and even tertiary level, and will inspire students to become the best they could ever dream of. We can’t wait to release this timely book to the public especially during these times.

Our hearts do go out to all students struggling with online education or self-study at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we hope that by the time the situation is fully under control, they would have discovered (through the PrepTime service) proven self-learning skills that only the ‘sharks'(naturally endowed or gifted brainy students, as they were called in my high school days) enjoy. The PrepTime team, who have decades of academic success under their belts, are ready to share many valuable tips on self-study through their online platform.

Therefore students and parents, let us make the year 2020 a memorable year of PrepTime adoption. Online learning or E-learning wasn’t the norm before the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lives have been impacted globally in ways we never expected. However, we can embrace E-learning as the new normal in education and ride with it for our long-term benefit. To that end, we again announce the birth of PrepTime, the new normal in test prep.

Benjamin Aboagye

CEO, PrepTime